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Stallions - Goldun Poco Storm


2003 - 2019 Grullo Stallion
14.3 1200
Stormy passed away June 2019 and was laid to rest overlooking the Froelich Dam.

Imagine entering a 240-acre pasture with mares, their babies and a stallion under a Big Blue North Dakota sky. Watching the band graze, talk to each other while moving slowly towards you. To have the stallion walk over to you and smell your head, to feel his whiskers tickle your face, to smell his breath, to hug him and take in his fragrant sent, to have him stomp his foot to warn the mares to stay away, this is our time—well that just cannot be beat. We cherished those moments with Goldun Poco Storm aka "Stormy". We recently lost Stormy--- much too early, he was only 16 years old. He gave us great memories, awesome, pretty and smart babies. He also showed us that we couldn’t just close the gate, that the gate needed to be fully secured. He was one of those individuals that you just wanted to love and he wanted to hang with you. Rest in peace buddy we miss you.

by Poco Bueno--Brown
by Poco Light--Dun
by Poco Blunder-- Bay
by Grullo Bar Scott-Grullo
by King--Bay
by Rawhide Hill--Cnut
by Poco Polo--Dun
by Poco King Tuck--Brn.
Foals Of Goldun Poco Storm
2015 Lot 35 FQHR Poco Countrybar, 2015 Lot 01 JAZ Gc Fiesta, 2015 Lot 02 Chips Choklit Bunny, 2015 Lot 03 JAZ Pb Serena, 2015 Lot 04 Torn Jeans, 2015 Lot 05 Missy Kernel, 2015 Lot 06 One Smokin Hot Chick, 2015 Lot 07 JAZ Gc Macarena, 2016 Lot 54 FQHR Poco Macpearl, FQHR Emma, FQHR Black Pepper, FQHR Blue Rose, 2016 Lot 25 JAZ Gc Fiesta, 2016 Lot 26 JAZ Gc Macarena, 2016 Lot 27 JAZ Pb Serena, 2016 Lot 28 Smokin Hot Chick, 2016 Lot 29 Torn Jeans, 2016 Lot 30 HTA Super Pepto, Storm Blackburn Poco, 2017 Lot 28 Chips Choklit Bunny, 2017 Lot 29 Jaz PB Serena, 2017 Lot 30 Torn Jeans, 2017 Lot 31 One Smokin Hot Chick, 2017 Lot 32 FQHR Otoes April, 2017 Lot 58 FQHR Diablo, 2018 Lot 22 JAZ Gc Macarena, 2018 Lot 23 JAZ Gc Fiesta, 2018 Lot 57 FQHR Commando, Mestiques Destiny, FQHR Taroceo, 2019 Lot 26 JAZ Gc Fiesta, 2019 Lot 27 JAZ Gc Macarena, 2019 Lot 45 Foxy Hollywood, 2019 Lot 50 Poco Foxy Last Rebel, 2019 Lot 53 FQHR Poco Kojack
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Name:  Terry Froelich
Company:  Froelich Quarter Horses
Address:  305 Glen Mill Ct.
Phone:  678-494-6829
Cell:  678-938-2932
Standing At
Name:  Kelly Froelich
Company:  Froelich Quarter Horses
Address:  2802 87th Street
Phone:  701-422-3636
Cell:  701-226-0460
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